If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done You Will Always Get What You’ve Always Gotten

Today is shaping up to be a stereotypical Monday. My work laptop PC is dead. It indicates that there is no bootable drive. Which may mean the hard drive is dead. This makes me sad and mad and angry. I should not feel this way. I should have a warm and fuzzy feeling that everything is OK, that all my data is backed up in a safe place, just waiting to be recovered. After all my hard drive crashed and burned last September. I lost everything then-especially VERY important emails. And I vowed that I would back things up. A promise broken. I’m not too sure how many times I have to go through this to learn to back things up. All is not yet totally lost-the IT Guy still has to look at it. So there is hope.

So I asked my local admin assistant if she will assist me in submitting a ticket. She recommends calling help desk and asks me to use the new number, “Did you get the email with the new number,” she asks. It gets a little painful after this, but finally she figures out that I don’t have access to my email. Surely this is not the first time she has these frustrating conversations.

There may just be a lesson in all of this. OK, here comes the Great Cosmic Truth:

Such is life. We do dumb things (or bad things just “happen”) and we react. And when we have a chance to do things differently the next time, we don’t! Instead we think that we can do the same thing over and over again and there will somehow be a different result. And when the result is the same we wonder why. All of this is not too far off from the definition of insanity.

All is not yet totally lost-people can change. People can chose to learn from their mistakes. So there is hope.

I really hope I get my emails back. And my eBay stuff. And my pics. Oh yeah, that work spreadsheet too. I have hoped for this before and have been disappointed. I really hope I am not insane. I think I have hoped for that before too.



One response to “If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done You Will Always Get What You’ve Always Gotten

  1. We DO all do dumb things. Sometimes; however, we do two dumb things. Not backing up your data is dumb. It is also dumb to make a public blog talking about how you use your work resources to conduct a side business through a site that is supposed to be banned at your place of work. Allegedly 🙂


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