Photo Sharing-Snapfish

I am continuing my discussion of photo sharing sites. Photobucket is ad-driven. Shutterfly has less ads and allows you to order prints. Today’s site steps it up again!
Snapfish is a web-based image sharing and print service currently owned by Hewlett-Packard which was launched in April 2000. As of 2006, Snapfish claims to have over 19 million members, and houses over 350 million unique digital pictures.

Once again snapfish ups the ante by allowing you to buy stuff with the pictures that you have uploaded to their site-your pictures on their stuff! Stuff like shirts, mugws and playing cards, just to name a few. Click here for a quick peek. Very cool!

Photo sharing sites are super user friendly. All of the photo sharing sites that I discuss have been incredibly easy to sign up with. They all offer very easy-to-use interfaces and all upload pictures at a very speedy rate. The difference is in the amount of space that they have to offer and what “extra” the sites have to offer, Photobucket offers video hosting, Shutterfly offers reprints and software. Snapfish also offers free Photo editing and organizing software-Snapfish Express PhotoShow.

Stats at a glance for

  • Cost: Free with ads for shutterfly services (less external ads)
  • Upgrade: none
  • Storage: unlimited
  • Software: Snapfish Express PhotoShow (free download)
  • What sets this site apart: The ability to oder products with your pictures on it.

Next time I will talk about Yahoo’s and Google’s photo sharing sites. Check out for more info on photo sharing.



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