Harry Potter Line Standing Time!

I like to think of myself as a professional line stander. And tonight is yet another line to add to my profession! The final Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, book 7 goes on sale tonight at midnight. This is the 2nd HP book line that I have stood in. I am pretty excited. Not only because of the normal hype, but also because of the “extra” hype with the alleged allegory. I thought “alleged allegory” might sound like an alliteration. Sweet!

I actually have already stood in a Harry Potter line today. This morning at Border’s to get a bracelet that has a color (orange) and a number on it (36345-I assume I am was the 45th in line today), securing my place in line at the Potter Party tonight. There was a party of girls at the front of the line who had been there for 11 hours. ROCK ON, dedication! The line was about 70% female, I found that most interesting. The party starts at 9:00 PM. I shall be there right after I see the movie again in the IMAX theater! I will let you know how the movie and the book line goes later! And maybe even review the movie and book much later.


Update: There was no line for the movie, and it was most excellent in 3D! We journeyed over to the IHOP for some late dinner and then we walked over to the Borders. We were there about 9:00. And so was about half the country. My pastor and his wife were there; I have the coolest pastor in the world. Yes, it was PACKED! But because I had stood in line 12 hours earlier Bill and I were able to line up in the first line for the books to go on sale at midnight! This enabled me to take Bill home and slide into bed before 1:00 am! Some folks bought their copy and rushed to their car to start to read it. A couple of my friends had the book read by Sunday morning. I heard one story of a guy who had it finished in 13 hours-he stopped to eat twice. I found out that Borders closed around 3:00 am. Savvy shoppers who hate crowds were able to pick up a copy at Walmart or HyVee at midnight without any kind of wait. Some even had cupcakes set out, very nice touch. BUT, they missed out on the Potter Party! It was a super cool experience!


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