One Definition of Insanity

…is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different or new result. If you go back to my very first post  you will read about my work laptop crashing. You will read about me vowing to back up data. Well, guess what? My work laptop crashed yesterday.

So the question is did I lose everything or did I learn my lesson the first time around and backed up my data? Well, I am not too sure that the data is completely irrecoverable. But that isn’t the point is it? I did purchase software that would back up data. I installed it and even configured it. But work has these limitations. You can’t save certain file types. You can’t back up Outlook when it is running. And the list goes on and on.

So the answer is I had very little backed up. But I am not doing everything the same…I am BEGGING my boss to have IT do EVERYTHING they can to get the data off my hd. Which may involve spending money.

I did take the first step to do things differently in the future. I am encouraging the boss to entertain different ideas of backing up data.

I am insane today. But maybe more sane tomorrow. Well, not tomorrow because I will be going crazy hoping that they can get the data off my laptop tomorrow. But maybe soon.


One response to “One Definition of Insanity

  1. the definition of insanity is expecting people to behave rationally or to learn to behave in ways not dictated by laziness and incompetence.

    Way to maintain the status quo, Monkey-boy. ;-)>

    yes, my winkey DOES have a goat, in case you’re wondering.

    So, backing up personal data is a real challenge because of the absurd size of things like documents with graphics and PDF files, etc. etc. etc. There are many potential ways of handling this, but it’s hard on a budget.

    Best way is probably to create a user drive on the network that people can store their most important stuff on, and back that up regularly.

    This should be very large and dedicated. disk backups (as opposed to tapes) are getting more popular because of the low cost of disk space and the lower overhead of maintaining redundancy as opposed to handling tapes.

    give me a call and we can discuss my consulting rates.

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