The Door’s Interview with Brian McLaren

I enjoyed this interview with Brian McLaren in the Wittenburg Door Magazine

It led me on a search for Brian McLaren’s thoughts on homosexuality:
I  found the comments VERY interesting too.

And that led me to this article by Mark Driscoll who is a critic of the Emergent movement and directly responds to the above article (which also led me to research what a “male lesbian” is):  And an apology at the end?  WAY COOL!

All I can say is wow.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.


3 responses to “The Door’s Interview with Brian McLaren

  1. I browsed through these a while back. Here is my take.

    I think that somehow, in Brian’s attempt to bridge the gaps in culture and be a peacemaker that he has lost what it takes to be a preacher of God. He has misplaced God’s holiness. He has bowed to the consumerism and pressures of culture so that he won’t hurt someones feelings.

    What? Where did Jesus say, ‘Position yourself where everyone likes you and you don’t hurt anyones feelings?’ You know what? HE DIDN’T.

    If Jesus walked into a church where a gay wedding was taking place, or a actively gay pastor was preaching he would toss them out on their butts!

    Now, let me calm down a bit.

    To answer the question.

    Can you be homosexual and Christian? Yes.

    Huh? Same-sex temptation is not sin, just as hetero temptation is not sin. Sin is giving into temptation to perform lustful acts, regardless of who you do it with. Unless for some reason Brain forgot to read anything Paul wrote he should have caught onto the whole marriage is between a man and a woman.

    Could there be a situation where two guys are attracted to each other, but don’t engage sexually? First, Never been there so can’t speak from experience. Second, I am not the judge of that, god is.

    My response:

    Let them come to church! Let them go to Bible studies, and help serve the poor and needy. Don’t treat them any differently than you would an un-married hetero couple. Love them. But make it very clear that Lust is sin, and celibacy is the only option. Hopefully at some point they will see that truth. If not, toss them out, like Jesus did the Money Changers, or Nehemiah the rabble that lived in the temple.

    Derin Says: I have to agree. I think there is a very careful balancing act when relating to the person who struggles in this area. But in the end, acting upon these temptations is sin. The place for sinners is in church! But the church is NOT the place for those that mock God.

    Thanks for your comments David,


  2. I’ve struggled a lot with this issue, not because I don’t beleive in the Bibl’s authority over our lives, but because the Bible is much less clear in the issue of homosexuality than I used to think.

    I do believe that the Bible teaches agains homosexuality, however I don’t think there is as much biblical support for this stance as I was brought up to beleive. I used to think that homosexuality as sin was a major theme in the Bible, but when considering the size of scripture, homosexuality is not very prominent.

    Also, I think most of the passages that people refer to when speaking against homosexuality are much more vague than they think. We use the Sodom and Gomorroh story often to teach against homosexuality, but I don’t see a clear reason to see this passage as talking about homosexuality, it could be saying that homoxesaul rape is wrong, or that gang rape is wrong, it’s not as clear as I used to think it is.

    Here’s a great struggle I have with this issue: I beleive that the Bible teaches against homosexualtiy, but I believe lots of other things about what the Bible teaches that go against other denominations and even my own, but does this mean that we can’t have unity in the church.

    And I also struggle with how to interact with homosexuals, especially in the context of the body of Christ. I don’t think that we can expect them to start acting differently simply because they are in our presence. The hope is that eventually over time God would transform them, but I think there has to be room for people to be a part of our community and not know if they are ready to follow Christ yet.

  3. I fully appreciate the love and compassion shining through McLaren’s postings on this issue. I also appreciate his not taking a stand due to not being clear on the Bible’s teachings on the matter. At least he’s being honest–as far as we can tell.

    I agree with David.

    I think that we have to work overtime to undo the unloving attitudes of some so-called Christians toward homosexual people, but we can’t compromise on what the Bible clearly teaches (once we are settled on what it is). We should probably concentrate on the grace first and foremost, but we can’t ignore the sin part of the equation. We need to let homosexual people know that we consider ourselves no better than they, that we respect their rights as people, that we will treat them with kindness and love, and that they are welcome in our midst. Then we can talk about the sinfulness of homosexual behavior.

    Derin says: Kyle-Thanks for visiting and participating with my blog. I agree!


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