Which Presidential Candidate…

…Identifies most with issues important to you?

Check out this site to find out:


The results may surprise you.


PS Thanks to local radio station KMBZ for this link.

8 responses to “Which Presidential Candidate…

  1. #1 Duncan Hunter
    #2 Fred Thompson
    #3 Tom Tancredo

    I’m not surprised.

    Derin Says: Fred was near the top for me too, above the front runners. I’m with Fred!

  2. #1 Chris Dodd – D
    #2 Sam Brownback – R
    #3 Dennis Kucinich, Joe Biden, John Edwards – D
    #4 Barrak Obama, Hillary Clinton – D

    Last Place – Mitt Romney – R

    Guess my secret is out, oops! 🙂

    Derin Says: Any Surprises there?

  3. BTW,

    Despite the preponderance of democrats on my result list this is due to the fact that I overwhelmingly agree with them in most areas except for abortion.

    Yes, I know call me an insane, wacko, left-wingnut for wanting national healthcare for those that can’t afford insurance, and a time-table to get out of Iraq.

    Derin Says: Commy.

  4. You forgot ‘For Jesus’ Derin. Commy for Jesus!

    Derin Says: SWEET! Commy for Jesus!

  5. My top one was John Edwards, which doesn’t surprise me that much. The top one for me that actually has a chance of winning is Clinton.

    Derin Says: Commy for Jesus!

  6. 1 – Dennis Cussinich
    2 – John Edwards
    3 – Chris Dodd
    4 – Obama & Clinton (Tie)

    I think my new nick-name will be Lefty.

    What’s really surprising to me is that McCain is at the bottom of my list. I TOTALLY would have voted for him in 2000 if Bush hadn’t won the nomination.

  7. I’m testing as we speak, but I don’t like some of the questions. In order to support fines for corporations using illegal labor, I have to also support “no amnesty for anyone – ever.”

    The Iraq war is mix of opinions and facts. One could truthfully vote for both “we SHOULD leave” and “we ARE going to be there a long time.” Nevermind the fact that I am completely underqualified to have an opinion on how to best administer Iraq.

    Carrying on…

  8. The web has chosen for me Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter. I guess I’d better go figure out who those guys are.

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