For your Viewing & Listening Pleasure-Phil Keaggy & Stanley Jordan

I saw August Rush this weekend, it is a pretty cool movie about a kid musical prodigy. One of the styles the kid plays on guitar is tapping out sounds on the neck of the guitar. Very cool and it reminded me of a couple of musical geniuses!

As many of you know I am a HUGE Phil Keaggy fan. Phil Keaggy is one of the best guitarists in the world-it isn’t just my opinion, the rumor is that Hendrix and Clapton site him as one of the best too. It just so happens that he is also a follower of Christ. I own more than 30 of his CDs, 1 DVD, and have seen him in concert about a half a dozen times (with a band, with his band, Glass Harp and solo). He is INCREDIBLE! You can see some of his videos here, this one is my fav: Salvation Army Band:

One of the things that he does well is work with a digital loop machine and he just builds and builds and it is pretty cool.

While looking for more Keaggy stuff and people who Keaggy had had an influence on I stumbled across Stanley Jordan. When I first saw his stuff I was amazed. But then Chris B. sent me this super incredible clip of Stanley Jordan playing Led Zepplin’s Stairway to Heaven:

That’s right, he plays 2 guitars at the same time! Wow, it doesn’t get much cooler than that-unless you can find some genius to play a patriotic song with his feet or something.


One response to “For your Viewing & Listening Pleasure-Phil Keaggy & Stanley Jordan

  1. Stanley Jordon is freaky good. My friend Lonnie saw him live in Minneapolis a few weeks back. Not only does he play two guitars at the same time, he also played guitar and piano at the same time too. I am pretty sure he is an alien.

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