Move over Tony Hawk, Here Comes Tiny Hawk

I used to be a skater dude. I wasn’t all that great, but I really enjoyed skateboarding (none of that inline crap!). I wasn’t exactly a poser, I was pretty serious about it, I just wasn’t all that skilled at it. I had a pretty good deck, trucks and wheels. The pinnacle of my skill was the ability to drop in on a ramp that was over 7 feet tall. I couldn’t even ollie nor rail slide. Yeah. Well.

So Tony Hawk was and still is one of the best skateboarders EVER. You could say he is the Michael Jordon of skateboarding. Ever seen a McHawk? Go look up the skateboard vid, Ban This. Or just go to youtube and type in mchawk.

ANYWAY, my buddy Lisa sent this to me:

YEAH! Pretty good! OK, better than I ever dreamed of being. And the video is very well done! Way to go Dad!



One response to “Move over Tony Hawk, Here Comes Tiny Hawk

  1. Wow. There’s nothing like a four-year-old being able to do something cool WAY better than you. Thanks for the ego boost, Derin

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