New Browser Goodies! ScribeFire, RoamAbout & PicLens

I found a few useful downloads this past week.

First is a tool that is helping me write this very post (as well as my last post-The DK review)! ScribeFire is software that you can install and run in a browser window. It easily edits and publishes your blog entries (pages, and posts with pics, links, etc), even easier that on the blog site itself! It is a pretty cool little tool. Thank you Joe H for posting this on his blog. Check it out!


Next is a pretty cool browser add-on called RoamAbout by Vysr. RoamAbout is supported by Google and is a cool “toolbar” that is added in the lower, right hand corner of your browser window. You wanna Wikipedia a word and not leave the page you are on? Highlight the word, click on the toolbar and then click the “W” / Wikipedia icon and a new window appears over your existing window.

You can do similar things with Youtube, news, music, blogs, pics, etc. I had it installed with IE and with Firefox. I use tabbed browsing with both browsers and it seemed to really eat up the system resources. SO I disabled it in IE and it seems to work MUCH better in just Firefox. It is not easily uninstalled, but the plug-in can be disabled with ease. Check it out!


Last is another Google-supported browser app called piclens (click to get a preview before you download it). This is a gem for looking at internet pics. Google your favorite pics and then view them (merely by clicking on the arrow that appears over the pic) in a window that appears over the browser window. But not just the 10 or 20 pics that appear on the initial Google page, but ALL of them and in a presentation that you can scroll through like with Apple’s I-touch-like a roll-a-dex! It is pretty neat! There seems to be just the tiniest bit of a glitch on my dual monitor setup, but it is well worth checking it out!

All of these were SUPER easy installs that took just a few minutes if not seconds to install, learn and become an integrated part of my browsing world.




2 responses to “New Browser Goodies! ScribeFire, RoamAbout & PicLens

  1. Hi Derin,

    Thank you for posting about PicLens! We truly appreciate it. We’re delighted to hear that you are enjoying PicLens and we hope your readers will too.

    Not only is PicLens a great way to view images and videos, it’s also a great way to keep abreast of the news. The Discover feature aggregates the latest domestic, international, sports, fashion, entertainment, business, and tech news feeds from across the web.

    For interested readers, please check out and to learn more.

    Thanks again,
    Luna and The Cooliris Team

  2. Derin, thank you for writing about and thank you so much for your feedback. We really appreciate it.

    -Vysr Team

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