Proud of My Twins

A few years ago, when Kaleb & Keegan were only 9 or 10 they decided to form their own partnership business!  Minnie and I had settled into a Sunday afternoon nap with our little ones.  We had moved into our duplex out of our apt.  But we did not own a lawnmower-we would borrow the neighbor’s and buy gas.  So while we were sleeping Kaleb & Keegan borrowed the mower and started their own afternoon business! 

When we awoke they had made some money, the lawns were trimmed and there was even weed whacking going on!  We do not own a weed whacker either-they had borrowed that too-it took both of them to use the heavy gas-powered trimmer-but they got the jobs done! They were inspired, motivated and self-sufficient.

I have been trying to get them to do the same every summer since-to start their own lawn care business.  A few weeks ago Keegan confided that he did not know what to charge.  So I asked him how much he wanted to make an hour and how many lawns could he and his brother finish in an hour?  I explained that I make about $10/hour at my part-time job-that if he wanted the same and mowed 2 lawns in an hour that he should charge $5.00/yard.  If he and his brother both wanted $10/hour then they should charge $10/yard.

Motivation is key with teens!  Last weekend they wanted a video game, they rolled out our 2 lawnmowers (one was free off of and canvassed the neighborhood. They came home asking for a ride to Wal-Mart to buy their game!  They not only met their goal and purchased their game, but they also made a couple of regular customers!

I have to say that makes me very proud!  I want them to be creative.  To think outside the box.  To be self-sufficient.  To think of ways to make money on their own.  I don’t want them to have to rely on anyone-not me, not mom, not the government, etc.!  I also want them to learn how to do business!  How to run a business, to count costs, to interact with people, to be fair, to be responsible, to help others, to be independent, etc.  Heck they have even biked up to Wal-Mart on their own.  They are really growing up!  Much too fast.

Later in the evening I asked them if they wanted to step it up a bit and order free business cards from  They did!  And they even ordered cheap t-shirts that had a matching logo and info.

The Twins
Twins for the Price of One
Lawn Care Enthusiasts is a pretty cool site.  They are known for their free (just pay for shipping) business cards; color, on card stock and with their logo on the back.  A few bucks more to remove the logo on the back.  They had lots of other matching stuff such as hats, stationary, post-it notes, return labels and even a cheap but simple matching website for $5/month!  Next time I think we plan to spend just a few more bucks and get a frequent customer print on the back of the card-buy 10 mowings and get a free snow removal free!  Thank goodness we have a snow blower!  250 business cards and 2 t-shirts shipped for under $20!  Not bad!  So they will feel legit, look professional and be more inspired! 

Way to go guys.  I love you guys and am proud of you.  Now go make daddy some money!



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  1. It’s great to see small businesses using the internet to get great products printed at great prices! I’m constantly ordering free business cards online for new projects.

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