Remembering Memorial Day

The topic for the Friday KMBZ Shanin & Parks Show focused on Memorial Day.  They were asking if Americans just thought of it as a holiday away from work and a time to relax and have fun, grill out and camp or if Americans really took time out to remember.  I called in and was the first caller on the subject.

I explained that I was just another person who took a holiday off and didn’t think too much about the meaning.  But that changed on Memorial Day 2005.  I was camping with my family in the back yard of a friend’s house when my father called.  He told me he was on his way to my house and that he should be in town later in the week.  We were all looking very forward to spending time together.  Later that evening I received a phone call from my aunt-she was traveling with my father, they were both recent retirees.  My father was feeling ill and laid down and never awoke.  He had a heart attack.  My father’s passing changed my personal outlook of Memorial Day.  I also went on to explain how blogging has been a great emotional outlet for me; I have blogged about my father’s passing and also about losing a set of fraternal twins to a miscarriage.

They (Shanin & Parks) were very kind to let me go first and let me speak without interruption.  It was a good call.

So on Memorial Day I take time out to remember.  To remember my father most of all.  But to remember those that have passed away-not just military veterans, but friend, family, etc.

I hope your Memorial Day was relaxing, but I also hope you spent time reflecting.



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