Plan B

I love listening to NPR’s This American Life.  Here is an expert from an episode I recently listened to entitled Plan B:

There’s the thing you plan to do, and then there’s the thing you end up doing. Most of us start off our lives with some Plan A which we abandon…switching to a Plan B, which becomes our life.

I had a Plan A a very long time ago.  I am not only on Plan B, but C, D and maybe even E, F & G.

My Plan A did NOT include:

  • Working for a local telephone company
  • Having to work a second job
  • Constant and persistent collection calls from the student loan folks
  • Renting instead of buying
  • Having my check garnished



2 responses to “Plan B

  1. The first guy’s plan B went back to his A. Do you think that will happen for you?

    Derin Says: No I don’t.

  2. Whirlwind of emotions

    Perhaps your plan A wouldn’t have worked out, plan B was the better option. Even though there’s a lot more stress in life, there’s more responsibilities to bear, but at least you’re active and gaining more experience from multiple jobs rather than just one. And there’s no mortgage stress together with student loans had you stuck with plan A…

    Every cloud has a silver lining, even if you don’t see it. Hope that helped a little! 😀

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