Gainesville Church Displays Anti-Islam Sign-Ask them to take it down

This is a shout out to all my Christian brothers and sisters…please contact and lovingly ask them to take their hateful, anti-Islam signs down.  Spread the word (I posted to Facebook too).  The full news story is below.

What I sent:
I am a New Testament, Charismatic, Nazarene.  Please take your sign down.  The message that you send is that God hates Muslims.  If you really wish to reach out to the world then please also reach out to Muslims.  Love and accept Muslims into your church to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ so that they can be transformed.  Please don’t alienate them.  Please be a seeker of peace and reconciliation.


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Gainesville Church Displays Anti-Islam Sign

Posted: 7:22 am EDT July 9,
Updated: 7:28 am EDT July 9,

A Gainesville, Florida church has a shocking anti-Islam sign on its front lawn and says it is going to put up more.

The sign at the Dove World Outreach Center reads “Islam is of the devil.”

City code enforcement says the case is still under investigation and the sign does not violate any ordinances. However, residents say they want the sign to come down.

“I think it’s all stereotypical about the whole Iraq war. People think all Muslims are like that and we’re not,” said Gaby Alim, Muslim resident.

Someone tried to spray paint over the sign, but the church quickly fixed it. The church is already making plans to put up even more signs.

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One response to “Gainesville Church Displays Anti-Islam Sign-Ask them to take it down

  1. The Nazarene Revolutionary Guard has declared a holiness jihad on all the emergent heretics who have invaded our denomination. We vow to arrest all the evil participants of this heresy. We will send them to re-education camps where we will torture them with Gaither videos and Stan Toler sermons.
    We will celebrate the success of this Insurgency by holding a good ole’ Nazarene potluck where all of us can pig out at the buffet and show our fat bellies to all the world to see. Drinking and smoking are still considered sins according to our Holy book (aka: The Manual), but obesity is allowed under the rules laid down by the College of Cardinals (aka: the GS’s) in Lenexa.
    We encourage everyone to pray five times a day toward our Mecca in Lenexa and ask God to help us spread the message of holiness. We require that every good Nazarene make a hajj to General Assembly once in their lifetime. By making this hajj, your sins will be forgiven.
    Long live the Insurgency! Long live the Revolution! Long live the Nazarene Revolutionary Guard!

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