A Funny Thing Happened to Me on My Way to Resetting a Password

Me: I had originally posted this a couple of years ago.  I took it down and after hem hawing about the “security-ness” of it and after editing I am now posting it again-thus the old, old comments.  It is a funny story!

I hope you can follow this…

Part of my job is resetting user’s passwords for the security system that I support. End users submit a ticket that has basic info in it including an ID that is unique. Users use this ID as their login to the system that I support-as well as many other systems, but my system uses a unique password. Most users that submit a ticket to have their password reset have attempted to log in many, many times and just keep entering the wrong password.  We’ve all been there, we forget it, guess wrong, whatever. No problem.

So I get a ticket across my desk late in the day. When the user was asked for their ID they put something like, “sweet06” or something. Obviously this was their password. Since I didn’t have a clue what the user’s ID was (their login) I had to reject the ticket.  In the notes I stated that I needed their login-not their password.

So she calls into our group. I answer, she explains that she doesn’t understand why the ticket was rejected.   So I say that I need her ID.


“Your login,” I clarify.

Uncomfortable silence.

“Not your password.”

“OHHH,” she says, “You mean the thing on the first line”.

Silently shaking my head while trying to control myself.

“Yes,” I say, “the thing on the first line.”



3 responses to “A Funny Thing Happened to Me on My Way to Resetting a Password

  1. Thanks for the reassurance that I have given some HelpDesk guy at my job something to blog about when he gets home at night! (blushing)

  2. No she wouldn’t be the executive, you would have gotten the assistant which does the grunt work and is usually more savvy. Most likely a mid-level director that is really good at one thing, like sales, or whatever it is that mid-level directors do…… Scratch that, never question what mid-level directors do, it will only involve really long meetings that somehow end in you doing more work while they end up doing whatever it is that mid-level directors do….

  3. Durk – I would seriously consider editing this and taking your company name out.
    As someone who was almost in middle management (recently had to weasel out of being Director of Systems Engineering), I gotta tell ya that it sucks WAY more than it did in the trenches. Give them all the help you can. frustration * 10, conflict * 10,000, satisfaction / 50 at least. But the $$$ buys lots of sweet, sweet liquor to ease the pain.

    Derin Says: I appereciate the words of wisdom, but I am hoping that this person was new to the world of corparate America and technology. I am hoping that she crawled out from under a rock-even if she does climb to the middle.

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