How I Feel About Swear Words, Goshdarnit.

There is a fine balance, maybe even an art, between professional, appropriate language and emotional, culturally relevant vernacular that communicates with force and clarity. And, heck, sometimes swearing at inappropriate or odd times is funny, it just is!

Parental Advisory: Explicit Semantics!

I swear entirely too much. Most of the time it is when no one is around or when it is somewhat appropriate but totally shocking to hear from me so the attempt is at humor. And sometimes it is with my family when I am mad, frustrated or in a heated argument. When I am around people who I know don’t swear or don’t believe in it I check myself and when I am around people who do swear, I tend to swear more. I suppose it is a bit hypocritical.

I used to take the stand that swear words were totally wrong and unchristian. Although that is mostly true, there are many times in the Bible where a case can be made that the speaker is using the equivalent of swear words-yep, Jesus and Paul cussed! Or at least used very colorful language.

On one hand swear words have become a very common practice within the cultural vernacular. OMG and WTF are used with very little thought-I’m sure because they are abbreviations and the actual inappropriate swear word isn’t spelled out, and therefore much more acceptable. And on the other hand it is an indication that one needs to expand their vocabulary and improve their articulation skills. Some people swear because they just don’t know what better words to use. However, sometimes (on the third hand?) there isn’t a better word to use than an ugly, jarring swear word.

My friend Joe H. made up a swear word! That’s right, he created a brand new vocabulary word! Frell. He says that although some people may assume that it is a combination of a couple of different swear words or assume that he can’t make up his mind as to what swear word he is trying to get his brain to process, that it really doesn’t mean anything but sounds awesome! I mean what the frell?! yeah, I like it.

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One response to “How I Feel About Swear Words, Goshdarnit.

  1. Clarification: “Frell” is from Farscape, I think, as is the word “dren” (which I’ve never heard out of context). Similar: “frack” from Battlestar Galactica, “smeg” from Red Dwarf, “frag” from Babylon 5… you get the picture.

    I linked here from Facebook, but I have to say you get props from me for referencing Square One! You really are a child of the ’80s! How about Mathman, or “But Who’s Counting?” Awesome!

    ME: Thanks for replying. You…you are too freaking smart for Jamie! Thanks for the clarification. Yeah, my nickname was penned in college. The first name is spelled “Dirk” in the PBS TV cartoon (which not too many people EVER catch! Very good!), but my friend dubbed me “Durk” as in “DUmb jeRK”. Yep, he said I looked like Dirk Niblick from Dirk Niblick and the Math Bridgade! The nickname just stuck! I remember watching that cartoon (segment from Square One) in elementary school! Very, VERY good!

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