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The Job of Getting a Job

At the end of March 2014 I became a casualty of corporate reductions.  My position was eliminated and I was laid off.  

Over the course of 14 years, I:

  • worked in the same building for 14 years, (The Queen Mary on the Prairie in New Century/Gardner, KS).
  • worked on 2 different floors, two different times, (3rd & 4th).
  • Enjoyed and grew in 2 different roles,  (NMA Admin I & II & Network Security Engineer I & II).
  • made many, many friends.
  • was with a company with 3 different names.  (Sprint, Embarq, & CenturyLink-made up of CenturyTel & Qwest).

I miss my co-worker friends (let’s keep in touch OK) very much. Although I was sad to leave behind very good people, I’m also excited to be moving forward. I had known for awhile that it was time to close the chapter I was unhappy in and write a new chapter.  I had much peace about a tough ending and was excited about a new future.

Change is always hard, but is is almost always better on the other side.

I transitioned into “Job-Seeking mode”.  The intro to “Job-Seeking mode” started off very well, I talked with several different recruiters, some of which were just super fantastic. I was ready to suit up, kill a tree or two from resumes and eager to find a new position within information security. I updated LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed & Dice.  I submitted my resume to several companies.  I even had a few interviews scheduled just a couple of weeks after I was initially laid off!

The momentum was in full swing!

And then the games began!  Phone interviews, face-to-face interviews.  I hadn’t had an interview in 14 years!  After I graduated from college I found entry-level jobs pretty easily.  My neighbor told me about an open position at Sprint.  Sometimes it really is about who you know.  I submitted my resume, went through an interview and obtained my first job that blossomed into a career.  I learned marketable skills along the way and learned how to be more confident and a leader.  I am very grateful for my experiences at Sprint, Embarq & CenturyLink.

I had interviews at many prestigious companies, the Federal Reserve, Federal Home Loan Bank in Topeka, Waddell & Reed, KU Med.  And finally landed a contract-to-hire position with KCP&L within their information security department.  It is new and different and I am learning new things!  It is pretty awesome.

There are lots of opportunities out there, let me know if you want a change in your career. I’m eager to use my skills in the infosec industry. I am encouraged and optimistic! And I am at peace. The only constants in life are change and God, embracing both; I’m trying to do just that. So here’s to that new chapter. How is your chapter going?

I’m Back

Hey friends.  It’s been awhile.  But I’m back.

Lot’s has happened.  Too much to go into detail.  I’m different, grown and changed.  New people in my life.  New hobbies.  A couple years older.  A little more bolder.  A little rhymie, some of the timey.

Let’s dust off the keyboard and get back to writing.

Love is a Choice

My Love

“Make good choices today.”

This is a speech (short sermon/long toast) I gave at my friends’ wedding reception a month or so back.

Jamie asked me to say a few words and I promise I won’t talk too long.  Jamie was the best man at my wedding 17 years ago.  I’m happy to say that I am still married after all these years.   I am honored to be able to say a few words here today.  Think of my talk today as a cross between a short sermon and a really long best man’s toast!

I want to read a passage from the Bible, I am reading from the Message version of the Bible.  The Message is a paraphrase of the Bible and the authors have attempted to write the scriptures in a straight forward manner.  This is 1 Corinthians 13.  It is the Love Chapter of the Bible.  This passage pretty much provides a biblical definition of Love.

1 Corinthians 13  The Message (MSG)  The Way of Love

1 If I speak with human eloquence and angelic ecstasy but don’t love, I’m nothing but the creaking of a rusty gate. 2If I speak God’s Word with power, revealing all his mysteries and making everything plain as day, and if I have faith that says to a mountain, “Jump,” and it jumps, but I don’t love, I’m nothing. 3-7If I give everything I own to the poor and even go to the stake to be burned as a martyr, but I don’t love, I’ve gotten nowhere. So, no matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do, I’m bankrupt without love.

Love never gives up.
Love cares more for others than for self.
Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have.
Love doesn’t strut,
Doesn’t have a swelled head,
Doesn’t force itself on others,
Isn’t always “me first,”
Doesn’t fly off the handle,
Doesn’t keep score of the sins of others,
Doesn’t revel when others grovel,
Love Takes pleasure in the flowering of truth,
Puts up with anything,
Trusts God always,
Always looks for the best,
Never looks back,
But keeps going to the end.

I have just a few observations about love and marriage as it relates to this passage.  Here is the main point of my commentary:  Are you ready?  Love is a choice.  It isn’t a feeling or emotion.  It isn’t what you feel when you first realized you were attracted to each other.  It isn’t what you feel after a first kiss.  Love is how you react to feelings and emotions.   Love is a choice and more specifically a series of choices.

Love is dynamic.  The love you have for each other is always changing.  It either grows as you make the choice to love better.  Or it fades as you make selfish choices-the choice to love yourself or an outsider rather than each other.  Love changes with the maturity of choices we make.  It starts with baby choices, to ask someone out, to spend time, energy, and money on another person and grows into much bigger choices, such as exclusive dating, engagement and spending the rest of your lives together in marriage.

Love is a continual choice.  Choices don’t stop with a confession of commitment.  You are going to wake up tomorrow and have to make a conscience choice to love.   Every day you have the choice to deepen in your love for each other.

Finally love is an intentional choice.  It isn’t easy to always make the choice to be patient, or kind, to not get jealous, or to boast or to be proud.  Be careful to intentionally choose to love.  You don’t have to have it your way!  And some days you will make a mistake.  Love also covers a multitude of sins; humble yourself and admit when you are wrong and make the choice to forgive.

Every morning I take my little boys to school.  I have a kindergartener and a 2nd grader.  As I drop them off I kiss them goodbye, give them a big hug, I tell them that I love them and then I whisper into their ears, “Make good choices today.”

So here is my challenge and my “best-man” toast:  Make an intentional choice every day to love each other.  Choose to love each other every day. Big hug, kisses, I love you guys and make good choices.

My Weirdest Pet Peeves

My biggest pet peeves involve toothpaste, bad customer service, waiting, and being late, especially to church.

Pet Peeve

There's two kinds of people in the world, those that squeeze the toothpaste correctly and those that do not. I know what you're thinking, it is similar to the whole toilet paper debate, but you're wrong. You don't use toothpaste on your bottom. Toothpaste tubes are fragile, important, they need to be treated kindly. One doesn't just grab and squeeze. NO! You squeeze from the bottom, FROM THE BOTTOM to the top. Love your toothpaste and it will love you.

When you are standing in a checkout line and the cashier and the bagger (or other server or attendant) are gossiping about their boyfriends or drama with management or WHATEVER while they completely ignore the customer, yeah, that doesn't want me to visit your store again, ever.

I went to a McDonald's years ago. The kid taking orders already had a few trays off to the side with receipts of unfilled orders. He took my order then grabbed a tray, put my receipt on the tray and slid it off to the side. He took another order and started to put the trays on the other side of his cash register. He took a few more orders and ran out of room. As he was looking around for more space I said, "why don't you try filling the orders".

When I tell (not ask) my 4-year old to "come here, please" (or to stop, stay, quiet, etc) and he looks at me, a flash of comprehension crosses his face and then he turns around and walks away, that makes me want to have one less child. It is a conscience choice to make dad mad. Sometimes my wife does it too. And my wiener dogs.

I don't know how weird it is, but one of my biggest pet peeves is being late, especially to church. It isn't because I just can't wait to go to church. It is mostly a frustration when I am involved, in other words I don't care if others are late, but I hate to be late. I look at a worship service as a whole, there is a beginning a middle and an end. I hate missing the first 10 minutes of a movie. It is like that. I hate to be late in general. I hate to keep people waiting. I just don't like to be late. The rest of my family feels differently, they site something about being fashionably late. They make stuff up like that.

I also detest waiting for someone. Not so much because they aren't on time, but because I am waiting. On them. To get there. To meet me. Soon. And they aren't there. I continually get more nervous the longer I have to wait. "Am I early?", "Am I at the wrong location?", "Are they OK?" "Did I get the day wrong?" "Are they already here?" "Am I late?" "Are they watching me make a fool out of myself waiting?" And on and on, all the while getting more fidgety, frustrated and freaked out!

Two, too and to. There and they're. You're and your. Know the proper word people, please. Otherwise it just makes you look dumb, and most of you aren't dumb. However I don't care about its and it's. I know what you mean.

What are your pet peeves?

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Kanye West Interrupts Kanye West

Kanye West interrupts CNN:
Kanye West interrupts Kanye West:
Kanye West interrupts ME!:

Here’s how:

Y’know, if you watch the link to Leno (him “interupting” himself above) Kanye sounds very remorseful!  A grown, famous, rich, powerful, man almost brought to tears out of shame and remorse…THAT is something you don’t see everyday!  HATS off to Mr West!!

Viral Video: JK Wedding Entrance Dance

The wedding…

And the divorce…

The first makes me all misty-eyed every time I watch it.  How fun!  The second just makes me laugh!  HA!


Gainesville Church Displays Anti-Islam Sign-Ask them to take it down

This is a shout out to all my Christian brothers and sisters…please contact and lovingly ask them to take their hateful, anti-Islam signs down.  Spread the word (I posted to Facebook too).  The full news story is below.

What I sent:
I am a New Testament, Charismatic, Nazarene.  Please take your sign down.  The message that you send is that God hates Muslims.  If you really wish to reach out to the world then please also reach out to Muslims.  Love and accept Muslims into your church to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ so that they can be transformed.  Please don’t alienate them.  Please be a seeker of peace and reconciliation.


clipped from

Gainesville Church Displays Anti-Islam Sign

Posted: 7:22 am EDT July 9,
Updated: 7:28 am EDT July 9,

A Gainesville, Florida church has a shocking anti-Islam sign on its front lawn and says it is going to put up more.

The sign at the Dove World Outreach Center reads “Islam is of the devil.”

City code enforcement says the case is still under investigation and the sign does not violate any ordinances. However, residents say they want the sign to come down.

“I think it’s all stereotypical about the whole Iraq war. People think all Muslims are like that and we’re not,” said Gaby Alim, Muslim resident.

Someone tried to spray paint over the sign, but the church quickly fixed it. The church is already making plans to put up even more signs.

  blog it

Proud of My Twins

A few years ago, when Kaleb & Keegan were only 9 or 10 they decided to form their own partnership business!  Minnie and I had settled into a Sunday afternoon nap with our little ones.  We had moved into our duplex out of our apt.  But we did not own a lawnmower-we would borrow the neighbor’s and buy gas.  So while we were sleeping Kaleb & Keegan borrowed the mower and started their own afternoon business! 

When we awoke they had made some money, the lawns were trimmed and there was even weed whacking going on!  We do not own a weed whacker either-they had borrowed that too-it took both of them to use the heavy gas-powered trimmer-but they got the jobs done! They were inspired, motivated and self-sufficient.

I have been trying to get them to do the same every summer since-to start their own lawn care business.  A few weeks ago Keegan confided that he did not know what to charge.  So I asked him how much he wanted to make an hour and how many lawns could he and his brother finish in an hour?  I explained that I make about $10/hour at my part-time job-that if he wanted the same and mowed 2 lawns in an hour that he should charge $5.00/yard.  If he and his brother both wanted $10/hour then they should charge $10/yard.

Motivation is key with teens!  Last weekend they wanted a video game, they rolled out our 2 lawnmowers (one was free off of and canvassed the neighborhood. They came home asking for a ride to Wal-Mart to buy their game!  They not only met their goal and purchased their game, but they also made a couple of regular customers!

I have to say that makes me very proud!  I want them to be creative.  To think outside the box.  To be self-sufficient.  To think of ways to make money on their own.  I don’t want them to have to rely on anyone-not me, not mom, not the government, etc.!  I also want them to learn how to do business!  How to run a business, to count costs, to interact with people, to be fair, to be responsible, to help others, to be independent, etc.  Heck they have even biked up to Wal-Mart on their own.  They are really growing up!  Much too fast.

Later in the evening I asked them if they wanted to step it up a bit and order free business cards from  They did!  And they even ordered cheap t-shirts that had a matching logo and info.

The Twins
Twins for the Price of One
Lawn Care Enthusiasts is a pretty cool site.  They are known for their free (just pay for shipping) business cards; color, on card stock and with their logo on the back.  A few bucks more to remove the logo on the back.  They had lots of other matching stuff such as hats, stationary, post-it notes, return labels and even a cheap but simple matching website for $5/month!  Next time I think we plan to spend just a few more bucks and get a frequent customer print on the back of the card-buy 10 mowings and get a free snow removal free!  Thank goodness we have a snow blower!  250 business cards and 2 t-shirts shipped for under $20!  Not bad!  So they will feel legit, look professional and be more inspired! 

Way to go guys.  I love you guys and am proud of you.  Now go make daddy some money!


Name Fail

My friend wants to name her child: Gage Iley-Joseph. Or, get ready, G.I. Joe. And she is completely serious.

Brand New Adorable Puppies!

On September 5th 2008 our female, miniature wiener dog, Izzy, gave birth to 6 healthy Puppies, 3 male and 3 female!  YEA!  Everything went perfect and all are doing great.  You can read more about them here:

The puppies should be ready to sell by Christmas.  Let us know if you are interested!

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New Love

I have a new love.  And this new love is exciting and everything is new and bright and our relationship is smooth and delightful!  And a HUGE shout out to Joe M. for uniting us.  Of course I am talking about my new Sprint Mogul PPC phone from HTC, the HTC 6800.

[rockyou id=122406200&w=500&h=250]

My good buddy Joe works near the marketing group at Sprint.  He receives phones FOR FREE!  I was WAAAY jealous when he first got the Mogul-it is the next version up from my 6700.  We were IMing each other a couple of weeks ago and I asked him if he was still using his Mogul Phone.  He replied that he had moved on and offered the phone to me.  HECK YA!  I didn’t even have to ask or beg (and I would have)!  Thanks Joe!  Really, if you would like my first born, Kaleb is all yours!  Heck I’ll even throw in Keegan for good measure (I’ll still be getting the better deal)!

The HTC 6800 is the next version of the UTStarcom 6700.  Audiovox became UTStarcom who became HTC.  These Pocket PC phones come with a mobile version of Windows which allows them to do just about everything-games, contacts, email, pocket Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access and much, much more.  Here are a couple of my reviews.

The Mogul is not a new phone, it has been out for well over a year, but it has the few features that have become a must for me as it relates to PPC phones: a touch screen, a slide-out keyboard, Windows Mobile which allows one to sync up to email and contacts.  I say this because of the few phones that have entered the market lately (the Touch, I-Phone, Instinct, Blackberrys, etc) they seem to fail in one area or another.

The Mogul phone has all of the features of the 6700:

  • Windows Mobile 6.1 (email, contacts, Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Bluetooth (wireless headset/ear piece), Built-in Wifi (with a very handy on/off switch)
  • Voice dialing, picture contacts
  • Internet browser
  • Games, camera, mobile Windows Media, etc

The Mogul is smaller, thinner and more sleek-looking than the PPC 6700.  The screen is also visibly brighter and clearer.  It sounds better (better to play music on).  There are a few more ergonimically-placed buttons that make the phone much easier to use.  The camera is 2.0 Mega Pixels instead of the 1.3 that the 6700 has.  Even though the 6700 was GPS-capable, the manufacturer and the service privider deliberately disabled it and it could not be enabled.  GPS is finally enabled and works great on the 6800.  The battery life is substantially better.

I like to actually use my phone-to take advantage of the features.  I have 3 email accounts on my phone, Yahoo, Hotmail and an email account that syncs up to my corporate email account.  I downloaded and installed (free) Google Maps-it works with the built-in GPS.  HTC has a great (free) today plug-in that allows you use picture contacts and easily check the weather.  I also use a couple of (free) push programs to check news and such-Yahoo Mobile, Avant Go (Movie Habit channel), On Demand, I think Google and MSN may have downloadable apps as well.

Here are a couple of handy sites to download free and not-so-free software:

Many popular websites have also gone mobile!  Here is a small list:

Flash memeory is cheap nowadays.  I purchased a 4GB Micro memory stick at Microcenter for $19!

If I HAD to pick something negative to say about the phone it is the stylus.  It is telescoping and it slides from the bottom up.  HOWEVER, it ALWAYS fits snugly!  I won’t be losing it like I did the other 57 with the other phone.

I will continue to let you know how I am using my phone and how it is performing.  So far I love it!


New Browser Goodies! ScribeFire, RoamAbout & PicLens

I found a few useful downloads this past week.

First is a tool that is helping me write this very post (as well as my last post-The DK review)! ScribeFire is software that you can install and run in a browser window. It easily edits and publishes your blog entries (pages, and posts with pics, links, etc), even easier that on the blog site itself! It is a pretty cool little tool. Thank you Joe H for posting this on his blog. Check it out!


Next is a pretty cool browser add-on called RoamAbout by Vysr. RoamAbout is supported by Google and is a cool “toolbar” that is added in the lower, right hand corner of your browser window. You wanna Wikipedia a word and not leave the page you are on? Highlight the word, click on the toolbar and then click the “W” / Wikipedia icon and a new window appears over your existing window.

You can do similar things with Youtube, news, music, blogs, pics, etc. I had it installed with IE and with Firefox. I use tabbed browsing with both browsers and it seemed to really eat up the system resources. SO I disabled it in IE and it seems to work MUCH better in just Firefox. It is not easily uninstalled, but the plug-in can be disabled with ease. Check it out!


Last is another Google-supported browser app called piclens (click to get a preview before you download it). This is a gem for looking at internet pics. Google your favorite pics and then view them (merely by clicking on the arrow that appears over the pic) in a window that appears over the browser window. But not just the 10 or 20 pics that appear on the initial Google page, but ALL of them and in a presentation that you can scroll through like with Apple’s I-touch-like a roll-a-dex! It is pretty neat! There seems to be just the tiniest bit of a glitch on my dual monitor setup, but it is well worth checking it out!

All of these were SUPER easy installs that took just a few minutes if not seconds to install, learn and become an integrated part of my browsing world.



The Dark Knight Review-One of the Best Movies EVER



I have seen the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight, 3 times now. Saturday of opening week, the following Wednesday on the IMAX and then again last Wednesday night. I don’t normally watch movies more than once, let alone over and over again. But people, please, if you plan on going tonight, invite me along. Yeah, it is THAT good. One of the best movies EVER!

“And I thought my jokes were bad…” I liked the “original” Batman movies of the ’90s. A lot! But after seeing Batman Begins…it makes the old ones look like a joke! And the new ones just take Batman to a whole new level. Less child-like cartoons, and much more comic, graphic-novelesque. It is refreshing and it will mature movies based on comics. The kids will like it (little scary for the wee ones), but adults will LOVE it!

“Why so serious?” I was not one of the people that was caught up in the “Heath Ledger” hype surrounding this movie. I was a little judgmental and thought that it was huge waste to have a life senselessly snuffed out. BUT, as it turns out, Ledger may have ODed on doses of legal and illegal drugs-just by accident. It may have been his best role and performance yet. It is too bad he couldn’t experience the accolades. I heard a story that Jack Nicholson contacted Heath to warn him about the part-saying that it was a tough character to get out of your head. They say that Ledger was taking sleeping pills-struggling with the separation from the dark character. In that case it is just plain sad. I say all of that to say that I’ve wanted to see The Dark Knight-but not merely for the sake of a last performance.

“How about a magic trick?” The movie is fantastic! Christian Bale is back and plays the dualistic characters of Batman and Bruce Wayne superbly! Bruce Wayne is as suave and immature as ever and Batman is everything good and honorable in a superhero! The other supporting actors are just as great; Alfred plays a substantial role, Fox is cleaver and witty and righteous, Commissioner Gordon is human and cares about protecting the people and Harvey Dent, a.k.a Two Face is a man bent on being “fair” (what a great way to explain the “birth” of Two Face!). But Heath Ledger’s Joker steals the show. Hands down…I couldn’t wait to see Joker in the next scene and then the next!

“This town deserves a better class of criminal.” The Dark Knight’s Joker is amazing and perfect! There hasn’t been a bad guy like this in a very long time. The Joker isn’t interested in money, power or fame, he just wants to be an agent of chaos and turn peoples’ plans against them-for fun, for entertainment! He just wants to play with chaos! He wants to laugh! Joker was ruthless but with class, darkly funny but never silly, demented or insane and NEVER out of control. I found myself liking him wanting to see what he would do next! I never found myself despising him! I didn’t want to see him win, but I sure wanted to see him try! What a great character! He was definitely a better class of criminal.

“Now we’re talking.” I can’t say enough about this movie. I couldn’t get enough of The Joker. The action was great and the gadgets are cool, but they didn’t have to carry the movie; the acting and the story carried the audience along at a quick and entertaining pace! The themes were Hollywood and typical to superhero movies: Light shining in the darkness, good over evil, hero over truth, perception of hope over despair. I was disappointed that feelings of safety were more important than the truth-which involves the burden that is placed on Batman.

“What makes you think I want to hear you talk?”

Finally a few random thoughts…

  • Brilliant not to name these movies 1, 2, 3, etc…I mean Spider man 4?!
    Egads! Granted, NONE of the Batman movies were numbered,
  • The Dark Knight is easily in my top 5 movies of all time. It is breaking all kinds of box office records (in part thanks to me!).
  • I’ve been comparing this movie to The Empire Strikes Back for a couple of reasons…the caliber of bad guy and because the Joker kinda sorta wins in the end! The Empire Strikes Back is one of the only movies where the bad guy, Darth Vader, totally wins!
  • This movie will be quoted like The Godfather! Joker had the best quotes (in bold throughout this post).
  • Is Two face really gone? There was a funeral for Harvey Dent…but under false pretenses…so Two Face MAY be back!
  • Did you catch the change of the Semi? The painted red “S” changes the logo from “Laughter is the Best Medicine” to SLaughter is the Best Medicine!
  • Gotham is based on Chicago rather than a Gothic New York City-I liked this-the Gothic-ness shows up in the characters, not the architecture. That was a nice change.
  • Batman is much more human and constantly becoming the superhero!
  • This story continues the progression of the origins of Batman…it isn’t just “business as usual”.  Wayne Manner and the Bat Cave do not exist yet.


Corbin’s A. B, C Book

Move over Tony Hawk, Here Comes Tiny Hawk

I used to be a skater dude. I wasn’t all that great, but I really enjoyed skateboarding (none of that inline crap!). I wasn’t exactly a poser, I was pretty serious about it, I just wasn’t all that skilled at it. I had a pretty good deck, trucks and wheels. The pinnacle of my skill was the ability to drop in on a ramp that was over 7 feet tall. I couldn’t even ollie nor rail slide. Yeah. Well.

So Tony Hawk was and still is one of the best skateboarders EVER. You could say he is the Michael Jordon of skateboarding. Ever seen a McHawk? Go look up the skateboard vid, Ban This. Or just go to youtube and type in mchawk.

ANYWAY, my buddy Lisa sent this to me:

YEAH! Pretty good! OK, better than I ever dreamed of being. And the video is very well done! Way to go Dad!


Switching to Wordpress

I am switching blog sites. For new posts go to:


I Recieved a Frustrating Email Today…

…From a friend. First it didn’t have a title in the subject line…that is just a pet peeve of mine. I used to have a supervisor that didn’t even read emails without something in the subject line. But more importantly it was an email about God and finances. I have a strong faith in God and I’d like to be financially healthy. So I read on. Now it started off innocently enough…here read the beginning:

God is the biggest help in the World. I claim it for you – now claim it for
me. God has more than a thousand Ways to provide for us, that we know nothing
about. Here is your financial blessing! It’s a simple prayer, you got 30

Sure, I got 30 seconds…But then it goes on:

Don’t sleep on this…Someone recently read this for the first time and received exactly enough for a $0 balance on all credit cards. If you need a financial blessing, continue reading this e-mail.

It is at this point that I get VERY angry. I believe that God will provide all of my spiritual needs. But is He gonna pay off my bills? NO, he isn’t. Will He keep me from getting sued if I don’t pay my debt back? Nope. I don’t believe that is His responsibility. And then to talk about credit card debt? Don’t get me started!

God is not a cosmic ATM machine. He isn’t some magical money tree. And the thing is this email comes at a time when I am really struggling financially. The School Loan People really want their money. I think I went to the most freaking expensive school in the country, MNU. I don’t know if I can make the payment that they want or not. And there are always threats that go along with their request for repayment. But do I lay that on God? Well, maybe, but I still have a responsibility. I am still accountable for my own past choices

I believe that God cares about His creation. I believe that it is His desire that his people be blessed and live healthy lives. But is God gonna just let me do whatever I want, let me make bad descisions and then bail me out? No. I don’t believe that. I believe that God will honor my good intentions and my good stewardship with my finances. But God ain’t gonna make all the money I ever request fall out of the sky.


Now That’s a Funny Name!

I was following a truck to work this morning when I saw the name in the web address on the back…It took me a couple of seconds to actually read the name:

FRENCH GIRLYMAN? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Whew..that was pretty funny. It reminded me of Hans and Frans from SNL!

Girly Men Pumping Iron