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The Job of Getting a Job

At the end of March 2014 I became a casualty of corporate reductions.  My position was eliminated and I was laid off.  

Over the course of 14 years, I:

  • worked in the same building for 14 years, (The Queen Mary on the Prairie in New Century/Gardner, KS).
  • worked on 2 different floors, two different times, (3rd & 4th).
  • Enjoyed and grew in 2 different roles,  (NMA Admin I & II & Network Security Engineer I & II).
  • made many, many friends.
  • was with a company with 3 different names.  (Sprint, Embarq, & CenturyLink-made up of CenturyTel & Qwest).

I miss my co-worker friends (let’s keep in touch OK) very much. Although I was sad to leave behind very good people, I’m also excited to be moving forward. I had known for awhile that it was time to close the chapter I was unhappy in and write a new chapter.  I had much peace about a tough ending and was excited about a new future.

Change is always hard, but is is almost always better on the other side.

I transitioned into “Job-Seeking mode”.  The intro to “Job-Seeking mode” started off very well, I talked with several different recruiters, some of which were just super fantastic. I was ready to suit up, kill a tree or two from resumes and eager to find a new position within information security. I updated LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed & Dice.  I submitted my resume to several companies.  I even had a few interviews scheduled just a couple of weeks after I was initially laid off!

The momentum was in full swing!

And then the games began!  Phone interviews, face-to-face interviews.  I hadn’t had an interview in 14 years!  After I graduated from college I found entry-level jobs pretty easily.  My neighbor told me about an open position at Sprint.  Sometimes it really is about who you know.  I submitted my resume, went through an interview and obtained my first job that blossomed into a career.  I learned marketable skills along the way and learned how to be more confident and a leader.  I am very grateful for my experiences at Sprint, Embarq & CenturyLink.

I had interviews at many prestigious companies, the Federal Reserve, Federal Home Loan Bank in Topeka, Waddell & Reed, KU Med.  And finally landed a contract-to-hire position with KCP&L within their information security department.  It is new and different and I am learning new things!  It is pretty awesome.

There are lots of opportunities out there, let me know if you want a change in your career. I’m eager to use my skills in the infosec industry. I am encouraged and optimistic! And I am at peace. The only constants in life are change and God, embracing both; I’m trying to do just that. So here’s to that new chapter. How is your chapter going?