Emerging Me

I am recognizing that our culture is changing. We are moving from a modern culture [or have already moved] into a post-modern culture. And that means a whole lot of different things to different folks. So this is my page to explore what that means to me and to share links to friends and findings related to an emergent culture and to an emerging me. Primarily I explore this concept in relation to the emerging church, but I also want to recognize post-modernity in everyday life and in my American culture.


Emerging Me Theology: Just like culture, society has gone through the “modern wringer” of scholasticism (apologetics, systematic theology, etc) and has come out the other side compacted, defined, and packaged up. Orthodoxy was defined according to modern rationales and scientific methods. The problem is that there are several packages, several systematic theologies that leave little room for the other. Catholic versus Protestant, Wesley versus Calvin, liberal versus conservative. Maybe it is a good idea to go back and see what theology was like before modernism and then examine it under post-modern (with the understanding of the implications of modernity) glasses. What might be different? The creeds were both orthodoxy and an open conversation-open for discussion. I have always refused to chose Wesleyism or Calvinism-one or the other. I have ALWAYS thought that there were room for both. But what if I was asking the wrong question all along? What if truth is a constant pursuit? What if it changes as we understand God’s love better? God does not change. And TRUTH does not change, but MY understanding of what I thought truth is changes.


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